NEBOSH HSW(Health & Safety at work)

Duration:3 days

About the Course NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work is a globally recognized qualification which equips individuals to identify hazards at work and deal with them efficiently to ensure high level safety culture at workplace.  This introductory qualification helps employee gain broad awareness of occupational safety and health issues and environmental topics. This course focuses on international Health & Safety standards which enables candidates to execute workplace health and safety responsibilities in any industry across the world. This qualification offers a thorough base for progression on to higher level NEBOSH qualifications including NEBOSH International General Certificate and National General Certificate.

The syllabus is divided into two units:

HSW 1: Workplace Safety Foundations
1. The Foundations Of Health & Safety
2. The Responsibility For Health & Safety
3. Health & Safety Risk Assessment And Control
4. Hazards & Controls Associated With Work Equipment
5. Transport Safety
6. Hazards & Controls Associated With Working With Electricity
7. Fire Safety
8. Hazards & Controls Associated With Manual Handling And Repetitive Movement.
9. Hazards & Controls Associated With Hazardous Substances
10. Hazards & Controls Associated With Environment.

HSW 2: Workplace Risk Assessment
1. Practical Assessment
2. Successfully complete unaided a risk assessment at workplace with NEBOSH Risk Assessment Performance

One hour multiple choice examination (HSW 1) + Practical Assessment (HSW 2)

On successful completion (60% for both the multiple choice paper (HSW 1) and the practical application unit), you will receive an NEBOSH HSW Certificate