Compliance & Soft skills

  1. Alcohol Licensing Law (Scotland) Interactive
  2. Alcohol Licensing Law Interactive
  3. Anti-Money Laundering Interactive
  4. Bribery Act Interactive
  5. Change Management Interactive
  6. Communication Interactive
  7. Conducting Appraisals Interactive
  8. Data Protection Interactive
  9. Energy Efficiency Awareness (All Staff) Interactive
  10. Energy Efficiency Awareness (Managers) Interactive
  11. Equality and Diversity Interactive
  12. Freedom of Information Act Interactive
  13. Information Security Interactive
  14. Innovation Interactive
  15. International Business Travel Interactive
  16. Introduction to Basel Interactive
  17. Leadership Interactive
  18. Serving Alcohol Responsibly
  19. Sexual Harassment Interactive
  20. Sustainable Development Interactive
  21. Talent Management Interactive
  22. Teamwork Interactive
  23. Time Management Interactive


MITE Group with its vast experience in the field of HSE training has launched Safety Media courses on the e-learning platform. A range of tailor-made courses are now available on the e-learning platform with interactive videos and objective-based assessments. These special features of the course would help corporates achieve their unique HSE training needs for the workforce cost effectively.

(Safety Media – E-learning) Corporate Health, Safety, Environment Trainings

Established in 1995, Safety Media is a well-known and trusted brand in the Health & Safety training market. The directors and shareholders are all members of the same family, and all employees, associate consultants, and resellers are specifically selected for their skills, attitude, and approach. As a family business, we are determined to offer the best value and service by continuously innovating to ensure that we always stay at the top when it comes to developing Health and Safety training solutions and technologies, while retaining our key principles. This means customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring our world-class instructionally designed courses are easy to use and offer great value. We pride ourselves with the diversified client base—multinational organisations to small enterprises—we value each and every one.


Safety Media provides innovative, cost-effective multimedia training solutions for Health & Safety challenges. Our courses are designed to engage staff for maximum knowledge retention, including full testing and risk analysis of employees. All courses are e-learning compliant and CPD & ROSPA certified, enabling existing induction and training programmes to be supplemented quickly and easily. We review and renew our content to ensure that it is up to date with the latest best practices and legislation. We always do our best to keep the look and feel modern. The courses are written by instructional designers who make the course content relevant, engaging, entertaining, and retainable.
Should a learning management system (LMS) be required, Safety Media’s in-house built system provides rich functionality, including registration, tracking, full reporting, and the ability to identify high-risk employees. The Safety Media LMS has recently been remodelled and updated to include additional features and make compliance training even more comprehensive.
Each course discusses a best practice approach to a specific Health & Safety challenge, while also providing full compliance with the employee training requirements of the 1974 Health and Safety act. The courseware suite gives access to the largest library of Health & Safety courses in the industry.


We are confident that if you are looking for Health and Safety training solutions, you will find it here with us as we are the industry experts.
Most businesses in this sector specialise in just one training solution but what makes Safety Media different is that we deliver a comprehensive package of training solutions appropriate to the needs of our customers. You can mix and match all our training solutions and be confident of receiving the same quality and professionalism with every product we sell.
Covering state-of-the-art E-Learning solutions, DVDs, Booklets, Posters, and Training Aids, we pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for all businesses; thereby catering to all of our customers’ needs.
Safety Media as a company is constantly evolving – this extends from the commitment we show to our staff through our customers and products. We continually update the skills of our employees to enable us to provide the leading edge in e-Learning–based technologies, and this ethos was acknowledged when we achieved the Investors in People Accreditation in 2011. Our staff enable our customers to be confident. Our customers receive the best in the market in terms of product, course content, and customer service/support and that is what makes Safety Media different.


In December 2012, Safety Media started the process of obtaining RoSPA Accreditation for all of our e-Learning courses and DVD Library. Currently, we more than half of our library is accredited – with more being added every week. How many courses does your supplier have accredited, if any?
With the RoSPA stamp of approval, you can be sure our courses are industry approved and of top quality.


In 1996, the CPD Certification Service was established in the UK as an independent organisation operating across all market sectors to be complementary to the CPD policies of professional and academic institutions.
As continuing professional and personal development has evolved internationally, the demand for formal CPD certification of further learning activities has increased from organisations, throughout both private and public sectors.
The CPD Certification Service has kept pace with that demand and now provides a service compatible with global CPD principles. Organisations that wish to become providers of CPD must first join as members before having their material impartially certified. Membership is based on an annual subscription.
Membership of the CPD Certification Service comprises public and private sector organisations seeking to provide certified CPD training, material, and other educational activities to internal and external audiences. In addition, it acts as a central point of contact for professionals and their supporting institutes seeking the provision of acceptable CPD material and employers seeking structured and ongoing CPD for their employees.